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The mind of man plans
his way, But the LORD
directs his steps
Proverbs 16:9


AKA Don’t Give Up On Your Dreams

Available FREE online and in Print/Kindle!

A Zero Fluff Bible Study for Women: The Deity of Christ

I am happy to announce that a book version of my online Zero Fluff Bible study on the deity of Christ is now available! There is also a Kindle version. Both versions can be found on Amazon. The print and Kindle versions have been updated. They have been edited with some grammatical improvements and include an added detailed outline of all the verses in the study!

How to Study the Bible by Topic

12 suggestions for how to do a topical Bible study and over 400 topic ideas!

Studying the Bible is key to a healthy Christian life. Together with the work of the Holy Spirit, knowing and obeying God’s word helps us to live lives that are more pleasing to Him as we submit to His will. His word can also protect us from or free us from false teachings, something that is surely needed today. Though it is a common choice for studying the Bible, you don’t have to only look for or sign up for a Bible study at church. You can study the Bible on your own. One way to get a deeper understanding of what is in the Bible is to study it topically.

From the Blog

Christian Wives and Submission: Why? When? Where? How?

The subject of wifely submission in marriage is simple in some ways and complex in others. Two big reasons for the complexity are that every marriage relationship is multi-faceted and every marriage is different. Every husband and wife relate to each other in their unique ways. They bring their pasts into their relationship. Then they have their own ways of communicating and behaving as a couple. They build a history of interactions that are theirs and theirs alone...
mom teaching daughter

Love Your Children by Teaching Them to be Apologists. Here’s How

Part of the role of older women according to Titus 2:3-5 is to encourage young women to love their children. There are many ways that older women can do that. One way that might get overlooked is encouraging young women to love their children by teaching them how to defend their faith...

The Day “Jesus” Walked Through the Door

When I think back to some of the events leading up to my salvation and how I came to faith, I'm still amazed by what God did. My gratitude is inexpressible. Every Christian is blessed beyond measure to be His child. Here is a story of one of the events that took place before I was a Christian. I love this story and I love telling it. Enjoy!...
Discernment Guide

Discernment Pocket Guide

Going to church, a Bible study, or a Christian conference? About to start a Christian book, listen to a Christian podcast, or read a Christian blog post? Whatever Christian content you are about to take in, don't forget your Bible, discernment, and this guide. They can help you to avoid or escape the snare of false teachings...

Learn Discernment and Stay Safe from False Teachings

Biblical discernment is vital. Without it, anyone can fall prey to false teachers and their teachings. We can get snared by these false teachings when we are not able to see how they differ from sound biblical teachings and the Bible. As a result, our knowledge of God and His word suffers. For these reasons, we need to learn discernment and get better at it every day. This article will help you do that...

Worry Less About Which Bible Reading Plan to Use and More About Which Bible

Ok, I really do not want you to worry about anything, but which Bible that you choose to use for your reading plan and for all of your other Bible reading and study is a very important decision. Choosing a Bible is probably one of the most important decisions we make as Christians...

Understanding the Watch Tower’s Control over Jehovah’s Witnesses

The Watch Tower Society teaches that there is a slave in “Jehovah’s organization” who is the sole channel of communication between God and man...

There is no other name by which we must be saved

Have you ever heard a Christian say that there is only one way to heaven or that there is only one way of salvation? I hope so. We say this not because we made it up. We didn’t invent it; though there are countless inventions of the sort in the world...

One Greek word (kephale) and its relevance to your marriage

“The husband is the head of the wife.” That is a sentence that can evoke strong reactions, especially today. What does it mean that the husband is the head of the wife? How one interprets this verse and other related verses can have significant impact on ones ideas about marriage...
Sharon Lareau