This page contains links to the six posts that were written in connection with Beth Moore’s 2015 Living Proof Live Simulcast. I have put them here for easy access.


1. Evaluating Beth Moore’s Upcoming Live Simulcast: This post presented an opportunity to increase discernment in preparation for viewing the simulcast. It was a pretest that looked at the official promotional material of the simulcast and invited readers to look for any red flags. A red flag is a sort of alarm that warns you that there may be a problem. This is something we can do whenever we are heading to any Christian event. It can help us get an indication of the soundness of the message or teacher before we even get there. Even though the simulcast has passed, this post remains a good example of that kind of prep work.

2Class on Discernment: Living Proof Live Simulcast: Though the object in mind was the simulcast, this post includes a list of twenty things we can keep in mind when we sit under any Bible teacher. It covers the importance of prayer and testing everything by the Bible.

32015 Living Proof Live Simulcast Review Part One:This post contains a general overview of the simulcast and my response to the teaching that we should make Jesus the supreme romance of our lives.

4. Romance with Jesus: The Bigger Picture: This is a companion post to 2015 Living Proof Live Simulcast Review Part One. In this post, I present some of the bigger picture surrounding the teaching of romance with Jesus. It is just a sampling of what’s out there, but it’s a good launching point if you’re interested in looking into it more. I believe it’s important to do that because the idea of romance with Jesus is widespread enough to merit study and is having an effect on individuals and the church.

5. Beth Moore Highlights and Part Two Preview: This post contains a streamline list of the voluminous amount of information regarding the issues surrounding Beth Moore’s ministry. This list is in no way exhaustive, but it does hit some major points. It also contains some items from the 2015 simulcast that are not covered in part one or part two of my review.

6. 2015 Living Proof Live Simulcast Review Part Two: This post reviews both some favorable and unfavorable items from the simulcast. It covers several different topic including Bible interpretation errors.




Sharon Lareau