Month: August 2019

Introduction to A Zero Fluff Bible Study on the Deity of Christ

I invite you to join me and walk through some significant biblical evidence for the deity of Christ to the glory of God.

This will be a Zero fluff study. It’s the only way I know how to offer it. This means it will not be like the many studies, books, and teachings that are geared towards women today that are heavy on fluff and light on sound doctrine. We will dig deeply!

I hope you join me. This study will not disappoint!

What’s your apologetics origin story? & New Bible Study announcement

See information in this post about a new Bible Study that will be starting tomorrow!

In my previous post, I shared the back story of how I got started in apologetics. I’m curious about yours. Do you have an origin story to a life of apologetics? I’d love hear about it in the comment section. Your story would be an encouragement to me and to others as well. If you do not have a story, how about beginning today? There’s no time like the present to begin the work of an apologist! For some guidance in this area, please see the suggestions in this post.