Rule # 1
Be a good wife according to God’s standards as revealed in the Bible.

When you are considering God’s standards as revealed in the Bible, be sure to include all of the Bible verses that apply to godly behavior, not just the verses about marriage.

Rule #2
Be a good wife according to your husband’s standards, as long as they do not conflict with Rule #1.


happy Christian marriage



Sharon Lareau

  1. Simple and great advice! The only thing I would add is don’t let your “convictions” overrule your husband’s authority. Its a slippery slope.

    1. Yes, if a wife stands opposed to submitting, she must take great care to make sure that she is on solid biblical ground. A conviction may or may not be inline with the Scriptures. She might find that what she is really standing on is a personal preference.

    1. Too much emphasis in Christianity has been put on the role of women being submissive to their husbands to the detriment of husbands (who remain and justify being despots), wives who are abused (emotionally, physically, sexually), and Christ’s church (Jesus never emphasized this posture). In Ephesians 5 the instructions to husbands is enormous, but rarely is focused on. I believe the abuse of the submission doctrine grieves God’s heart. Come, let us love one another and the heart of Jesus will be satisfied.

      1. Sharon Lareau

        Hi Mary, We must move in different circles. In my experience and from what I hear from others, there is little to no focus on submission in many churches. Most of the churches that I see are proudly egalitarian.

        Any individuals and churches that do incorrectly teach about roles in marriage are doing great harm to men, women, and the body in general. We can pray that those errors get corrected and do what we can to help. We can pray that people are taught correctly, change if necessary, and live better lives to the glory of God.

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