Going to church, a Bible study, or a Christian conference? About to start a Christian book, listen to a Christian podcast, or read a Christian blog post? Whatever Christian content you are about to take in, don’t forget your Bible, discernment, and this guide. They can help you to avoid or escape the snare of false teachings.

The Discernment Pocket Guide below contains some main points from my previous post Learn Discernment and Stay Safe from False Teachings. Keep it handy! Bookmark this page or save it to your Favorites. Print out the PDF version below and keep it with your Bible. Make copies and share them with your sisters in Christ. Save the Image version below to your phone. For quick and easy access, create an icon on the Home Screen of your phone that will lead to this page when pressed. (see how here) Whatever you do, don’t forget your discernment!

Discernment Pocket Guide
1. Get your Bible and get ready to use it now.
2. Humbly ask the Lord to help you distinguish truth from error.
3. Don’t automatically accept everything you read or hear as truth.
4. Use brain power and think through anything that does not sound right.
5. Take notes and review them later.
6. Identify the main focus of the message.
7. Notice how God is portrayed. Is there a biblical view of Him?
8. Is the Bible used as the standard for truth or something else?
9. Does any part of the message contradict the Bible? 
10. How often is the Bible quoted?
11. Are any verses taken out of context?
12. Is good exegesis (digging out the original meaning of the text) practiced?
13. Is a good Bible version being used?
14. What gospel message is given, if any?
15. Is the message given worth less than the gospel?
16. Is there a “New” message?
17. Is there a claim to speak for or from God?
18. Is there a heavy reliance on emotionalism?
19. Are wrong definitions given or unbiblical concepts used?
20. Is biblical Christianity set apart as unique?

The Discernment Pocket Guide PDF
Keep it with your Bible

this Discernment Pocket Guide IMAGE to you phone


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