Due to a slowdown in blogging, the Open Blog Policy is being temporarily suspended.

Comments will be now held for moderation instead of being approved immediately.
All Comment Guidelines are still in effect

Some previously posted comments may be returned to “Pending”. This will sometimes be done to avoid having unanswered questions waiting in a viewable thread. Some might be re-approved and/or receive a reply from Chapter 3 Ministries if time permits. Others may not. New comments that adhere to the guidelines below will be approved and replied to if time permits. None of this means that your input is not highly valued. It is simply a result of blog and time management. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

Chapter 3 Ministries’ blog is an open blog. (CURRENTLY PAUSED. SEE UPDATE ABOVE) That means your post will most likely go through immediately if it meets the minimum requirements. This also means you can edit and delete. Why do I do this? Because I do not like waiting for my comments to go through, nor do I like losing all control of my comments once I hit submit. These things hinder my participation, and I do not want to do that to readers of this blog.

I completely understand why many choose to operate with those restrictions in place, and I might too someday if need be. But for now, I extend you these privileges. Of course, they can be revoked for any individual at any time; and if any comment is deemed unsuitable to the conversation it will be moderated. I guess that’s a nice way of saying it will be deleted.

Commenting Information and Guidelines:

  • You may comment with your Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, or Google+ account.
  • To leave a reply without using any of the above accountsclick into the Comment Box. Three entry fields will appear. Simply provide a name (real or screen – your choice) and click “Post Comment”. The website field is optional.
  • You may comment anonymously.
  • You may edit and delete. (After the post is approved. See Update above.)
  • There is a 2000 character limit. That is about half of a Word document page and is a decent amount. This is a mechanism to help with my time management and the flow of the conversation. It does not mean I do not value your input.
  • Please know, your comment will still go through but will be truncated if you exceed the 2000 character limit.
  • Stay on topic. Threads will be moderated to keep the conversation focused.
  • Comments that question or challenge are perfectly fine as long as they are reasonable and sincere. However, due to time restraints, I will not be able to engage in healthy debates either in comments, email, or other messaging platforms. Fortunately there are lots of sites that cover or expand on topics that I write about here. You may find more information or be able to engage in prolonged debates on those sites.
  • I read every comment but may not respond to every one. That does not mean I do not appreciate your input and time.
  • Due to my health situation, it may take longer for me to reply then you might expect. Thank you for your patience.
  • Because this is an open blog, some moderating may be done after a comment is posted. Comments may be truncated or deleted for various moderating reasons.  An explanation may or may not be given.
  • All hyperlinks will be allowed or disallowed at my discretion.
  • Comments that advertise websites, books, etc. will be deleted.
  • Comments that break certain unlisted guidelines will be treated as spam automatically. This is a protected site.
  • Above all, please be courteous. I do not expect everyone to agree with the things I write. If in expressing that reality one slips into rudeness or unreasonableness or curses, the comment will be moderated. I will also moderate impolite exchanges between commenters. Please be nice to each other even if you disagree.

Thank you

Sharon Lareau