Welcome to an Interactive Journey Through the History of the English Bible

Do you have a favorite Bible version? Do you read the King James Bible, the New International Version, or the English Standard Version? Do you know when and how your Bible came to be? Do you know when the first English Bibles came into existence and the political drama and personal sacrifices that went along with it?

I invite you to find out and take an interactive journey through the history of the English Bible. This journey will take you through time and highlight some of the history of how the Scriptures came to be available to us in English. It’s an incredible story that will surely increase your appreciation for how easy it is for us to have a Bible in our native language. It is a treasure for sure!

Today we have widespread access to the Scriptures. Between printed and online versions and apps, we have no shortage of options. It may be hard to imagine that there was a time when owning a copy of an English Bible for yourself was impossible or dangerous, but that was the case. But thanks to God’s providence and the vision, work, and courage of some in the past, English Bibles became available to the people. Hearts and minds were brought out of darkness and into the light of true biblical knowledge of God in Christ.

This journey will take you through time using different English Bible translations and some major players as coordinates. We will begin in distant days and return to our time. At the end of the journey, there is information about free Bible software. Enjoy your trip!

    Learn about the canon of the Scriptures.
    Learn who produced the first hand-written, whole copy of the Bible in English.
    Learn about a new invention that greatly affected the spread of information, the availability of Bibles, and the course of the Protestant Reformation.
    See front covers and pages of early Bibles. (They’re beautiful.)
    Learn about English translations that pre-date the King James Bible. (KJV)
    Learn about the history of the KJV. The KJV is loved by many. It is interesting to learn how it came to be. That history also helps to shed some light on the King James Only controversy.
    Learn some of the religious and political drama of the day involving the Roman Catholic Church and England.
    Get a deeper appreciation for Christians who came before us and the sacrifices they made. Lives were lost in connection with Bibles becoming available for people in their own language.
    Learn about modern Bibles and translation types.
    Get a deeper appreciation for our English Bibles and what precious gifts they are.
    + More!
Sharon Lareau