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William Tyndale’s prayer was answered just a few years after his death when King Henry VIII authorized the printing of a Bible in English known as the Great Bible. For more information about Tyndale and Erasmus, please see the links below.


Still from the movie God’s Outlaw: The Story of William Tyndale (2004)

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You can see a reprint version (published in 1884) of the the first five books of the Old Testament that were translated by Tyndale at the Internet Archive link below. He started translating the Old Testament, but was not able to finish it before he died. He got as far as 2 Chronicles. At the site below, Genesis 1 starts on page 15/635. The Old English is something to see!
William Tyndale’s five books of Moses, Internet Archive

Question Five

1535 AD: Myles Coverdale’s Bible; The First Complete Bible printed in the English Language (80 Books: O.T. & N.T. & Apocrypha).
1537 AD: The Second Complete Bible printed in English. Done by John Rogers (80 Books).
Timeline from GREATSITE.COM

Other Bibles of note followed. Printing them was often dangerous work as church and state leaders were against both the translation work and the beliefs that many people embraced due to the light of God’s word in their hearts and minds. As they read and learned the Scriptures, they delighted in a biblical faith and rejected many of the teachings of the established Church. Because of this, reformation spread throughout Europe. Translators and those who embraced the teachings of the Bible were at risk, and many paid for their refusal to give up their biblical faith with their lives. We will read about one such man who also happened to have produced a complete Bible in English. His name was John Rogers, a onetime Catholic priest and an Englishman.

After already having disagreements with the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church, John Rogers met William Tyndale. With Tyndale’s influence, Rogers embraced Protestantism. After Tyndale’s death, Rogers took it upon himself to continue Tyndale’s work by joining a portion of the Old Testament that Tyndale had been working on together with Tyndale’s New Testament and translation work done by Miles Coverdale. He added commentary notes to this compilation and by doing so produced the first English Bible with commentary. He published the Bible under a fake name as the work of Tyndale was not in favor and the political and religious atmosphere towards Bible translations still wasn’t good.

John Rogers lived in a time when the throne of England went from embracing Protestantism to embracing Catholicism. His biblical views that ran contrary to the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church got him in trouble. He was arrested. Eventually he was sentenced to die. He was given a chance to recant his views but refused. Staying steadfast, he was burned at the stake. He was the first English Protestant martyr to be executed by Mary I of England, also known as Queen Bloody Mary.

What was the fake name that John Rogers used to publish his Bible?

A. Thomas Matthew
B. John Carpenter
C. Miles Stephens
D. Philip Moore

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