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John Rogers died in the presence of his wife and children. For more information about Rogers, please see the links below.


Woodcut of John Roger’s Death

Further Reading/References
John Rogers, 1st of Many Martyrs,
Article on John Rogers from the Encyclopedia Britannica 11th edition (1911), Bible Research

Snippet from the Britannica article

“Rogers had little to do with the translation, but he contributed some valuable prefaces and marginal notes. His work was largely used by those who prepared the Great Bible (1539-40), out of which in turn came the Bishop’s Bible (1568) and the Authorized Version of 1611”.

This snippet helps set the stage for an upcoming part of our journey. We will read more about the Great Bible, the Bishop’s Bible, and the Authorized Version of 1611 (KJV). But first, we will take a short trip out of England and head to Switzerland in question six below. We will come back to England in question seven.

Congratulations! You are halfway done. Remember to take your time and read as much of the Reading/References material as possible. If you cannot read them in one sitting, bookmark the pages to revisit easily later.

Question Six

1560 AD: The Geneva Bible Printed; The First English Language Bible to add Numbered Verses to Each Chapter (80 Books).
Timeline from GREATSITE.COM

Our next Bible is very interesting. It came about due to the English people fleeing from Queen Bloody Mary and settling in the safe haven of Geneva, Switzerland. While there, a group of learned men including William Whittingham, Anthony Gilby, and Thomas Sampson produced a Bible that would later be carried by many Puritans and pilgrims to the New World. The name of this Bible is the Geneva Bible. The Geneva Bible was the first English Bible to use numbered verse divisions. It had marginal notes and commentary that supported the Protestant and Reformation views of the translators and contributors.  The Geneva Bible became popular with the people and was a common version found in many Christian homes for decades.  It is also said to have been used by people of note including William Shakespeare and John Bunyan.

The Geneva Bible is sometimes referred to by a different name. What is that name?

A. The William’s Bible
B. The Breeches Bible
C. The People’s Bible
D. The Fireside Bible

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The Geneva Bible, Harvard Divinity School Library

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