If you clicked on the image on my homepage to read this post, you may have thought it was an invitation to follow me.  It certainly looks that way!  The image has “Follow” written all over it, and the name of the post is “Follow Me!”  Though I would be truly honored if you followed me, that is not what this post is about.

A couple of days ago I was thinking about how the “Follow me” phenomenon is so prevalent in our society.  Every day we check in with various feeds, sites, and people.  It’s everywhere.  We spend a lot of time checking in to making sure that we don’t miss anything.  In that time, we see pictures from all over and writings from friends, family, bloggers, and news outfits.  A great deal of what we see is good.  It makes us laugh or keeps us informed about things that are important.  Admittedly, some of it is also not the best use of our time. I love memes as much as the next person, but I probably could have gone my whole life without seeing the one about the patient who laid down the boogie and played that funky music till he died! (Though it was hysterical!)

In thinking about this constant stream of information that comes before our eyes simply because of who we are following, I suddenly thought of the first person that I heard say “Follow me”, namely Jesus. I heard him say it in the Bible when I was little. I have read it so many times since then. Jesus was clearly ahead of his time! It always amazed me that some simply stopped what they were doing and followed him.

Clearly following Jesus means something very different than what “following” means today. It is so much more. To truly follow Jesus we must deny ourselves and take up our cross. (Mark 8:34) This is a much different commitment then checking a feed every day.

But we can borrow from today’s culture.  We can check Jesus’s feed, the Bible, every day.  Since we are following him, it would be great to have the habit of opening his word every morning before we check anything else.  It would be greater still to check it again as the day goes on.  I do not put this suggestion out with any intent of lowering God’s word to the status of an ordinary feed.  I am counting on the fact that we all know how much more significant his word is over the countless feeds that we check every day.  This knowledge may propel us to desire to keep a much richer stream of information before our eyes, that which comes from the one most worthy to be followed, our Lord Jesus Christ.

Sharon Lareau

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