Thanksgiving is just around the corner!  I’ve always loved Thanksgiving.  Somehow, even after all these years, that day always feels special.  I love the way the house smells when all the food is being prepared.   I love relaxing with the family after we are all stuffed.  I love the pies!

This year Thanksgiving falls on the 26th anniversary of my new birth.  It happens every so often that they coincide.  It always seems like Thanksgiving is a little bit more special those years.

I can’t help but be mindful of the anniversary of my salvation at Thanksgiving even when they’re not on the same day.  It is what I am most thankful for. I guess it’s still amazes me that such a wonderful thing happened.  I love celebrating it and thanking God for what he did.  He has had an incredible impact on my life.  Along with my salvation, I have plenty of other reasons to be thankful.  I try to thank him often for the grace and mercy that he extends to me in so many ways.

Unfortunately, I know there are too many opportunities that pass without me expressing my thanks.  I would really like to always remember to say thank you for answered prayers, even the small ones.  I would really like to always remember to thank God every day for my family and friends and for all the big and small ways that he provides for us.  I want to learn to give thanks “in everything” (1Th 5:18), even in the very difficult things.

It is my prayer to get better at this between now and next Thanksgiving.  Besides wanting to grow in obedience in this, I have a feeling that it comes with blessings of its own. I do not think God asks us to do things just to do them. Giving thanks in everything would bring to mind God’s sovereignty and that would promote worship.  Worshiping God always brings joy to my heart.  I believe it would also help me to draw nearer to him because it would underscore my dependence upon him. I am sure there are even more things to discover about developing a more solid attitude of thanksgiving, and it is my hope to discover them. I never want to take my Lord for granted, and I want to enjoy him completely.

Sharon Lareau

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