We are three days into National Marriage Week. It started on February 7 and runs to Valentine’s Day. Marriage Week originated in the United Kingdom in 1996 and made its way to the United States in 2002. Today it is observed in countries all over the world. The aim of the week is to highlight the importance and benefits of marriage and to offer encouragement and assistance for married and engaged couples. Organizations and churches offer local events and many resources are also available online.

On the National Marriage Week USA website there are statistics and assessments that show the benefits of marriage in many categories.  There are emotional, physical, and financial benefits listed for husbands, wives, and children. There can be no doubt that healthy marriages bring blessings to the people involved.

Supporting and promoting marriage and helping couples enjoy healthy relationships are things I can really get behind. I’m a big fan of marriage. I believe in it. I know there can be many hardships and heartbreaks in marriage, but I believe it is a good institution. I don’t think the root of marital discord lies in marriage itself. That honor goes to the flawed human beings that join within its bonds. Because of our weaknesses and sinful hearts, everything that we participate in suffers injury.

Though all marriages experience difficult times, I believe in it because it was created by God. That made marriage special. God doesn’t do anything without a purpose. Much could be said about its significance in the Bible and in Christianity. I especially believe in Christian marriage. I know that in Christ, marriage can be beautiful. The roles God ordained for husbands and wives and the commands he gave them to follow within marriage can create happy and harmonious relationships when obeyed. In addition to this, a benefit of marriage that is not too often spoken of is that Christian marriage can provide husbands and wives additional means to grow in holiness for the glory of God. Lord willing, that is something I will write about in time. When you consider all the benefits of marriage together with the fact that the relationship between Jesus and the church can be mirrored in it, it is an institution worth supporting and defending.

Though I have a lot of enthusiasm for marriage, I don’t believe it is necessarily the best choice for everyone, nor do I think it should be elevated inappropriately. Marriage is good, but it’s not the most important part of our lives or how we live. Our Lord and our walk with him are. I believe it’s Ok that we enjoy our marriages and that it’s right to support and defend marriage. But I also believe our Lord should not be eclipsed by anything.

If you would like to visit some of the sites from around the world that are sponsoring events and offering resources for Marriage Week, click on the International Marriage Week banner. The one below it is for National Marriage Week USA. I pray you find helpful resources to enrich you marriage. May you and your husband have a very happy Valentine’s Day this year!

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Sharon Lareau

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