God is beautiful. His beauty is discernible even though we cannot see him. Nothing compares to him nor is anyone like him. He is holy and good, not in the sense that we are – only to our flawed, finite, human limits – but intrinsically, infinitely, and perfectly.  That alone is mind-boggling beauty, but there is more. There’s always more when it comes to God.

God alone is immeasurable and independent.  He cannot be summed up nor does he need anything. When I try to understand that, I can’t. Not fully.  He is beyond all human comprehension. His thoughts are not our thoughts, nor are our ways his ways. We cannot fully grasp him. Thankfully, we can know him in part through his word. It is not the sum of his majesty, but the fraction we have been given reveals awesome beauty.

God has opened the eyes of his people to see his beauty in his Son. Jesus is the radiance of his glory and the exact representation of his nature.  Jesus showed us the Father. His perfect holiness, humility, mercy, compassion, and selflessness exhibited his Father’s beauty.  They are one and through Jesus we know the Father. We have been so blessed to have our eyes opened to God’s beauty through his word and in his Son and by his Spirit that is in us.

Despite God’s beauty, we sometimes lose sight of him. Work, TV, electronics, sports, relationships, family, the Internet, worry, money, and an endless list of things can cause our eyes to lose their focus. These are not all necessarily bad things. They are a part of life, yet they can distract us from the greatest and most precious beauty.

It happens to me. Often my eyes behold God with awe and thankfulness. Most of the time I spend my days with him on my mind and in my heart. His beauty, everything about him that is awesome, fills me with joy. I rejoice in the peace of his presence and in the knowledge of his love. I treasure his mercy and value him above all else. But there are times when my attention slips. My eyes lose sight of his beauty as they gaze upon far lesser splendor.  This is no fault of his. The problem lies with me.  I am all too easily captivated by life and all it contains. Much of it is good, but nothing compares to my Lord.

There is a wonderful and much appreciated help that comes to me when this happens. The glorious truth is that God is filled with compassion and knows my frame and that I am dust. He moves in my life and offers what I need to focus my attention back on Whom is most worthy. It’s not hard. He’s beautiful. He knows that having my eyes focused on him is my greatest happiness and is what is best for me.  I can place my distractions back in their proper place. I can once again enjoy close, sweet fellowship with the God of all comfort. It is my prayer that the eyes of my heart would stay fixed upon my beautiful Lord each day. I am so incredibly thankful that when I behold his glory in Heaven, my eyes will actually – see – his beauty. I know my eyes will never even begin to look away ever again.

“One thing I have asked from the LORD, that I shall seek: That I may dwell in the house of the LORD all the days of my life, To behold the beauty of the LORD And to meditate in His temple.” Psalms 27:4 (NASB)

Isaiah 46:9, Acts 17:25, Isaiah 55:8, Romans 11:33-34, Hebrews 1:3a, John 14:9, Psalms 103:14, 2 Corinthians 1:3b

Sharon Lareau

  1. This is just beautiful (pun intended!). Thank you so much for this reminder of the matchless beauty of our God. It is so true that many life issues (good and bad) can cause us to lose sight of God’s beauty…happens to me all the time! But, may I ever come back to dwell in his beautiful presence to appreciate the fraction of it that I can know. I pray this not for myself only, but for us all.

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