The next time I posted a blog article it was going to be a forerunner to my upcoming series on the Deity of Christ, but unexpected things happen all the time. My attention was sadly, once again diverted to the subject of domestic of abuse. This was so pressing that I put writing the series on hold (again). Domestic abuse is a heartbreaking matter that deserves attention. I cannot bear to see anyone suffer at the hands of another; and when it happens in a marriage, in that which should be a haven, it’s just so hard.

Due to this interruption of my planned writing, I did some other writing on the subject of domestic abuse. It had always been my intent to write about it in more depth, and it just couldn’t wait until later.

There are now two new articles in Marriage & More that contain some of my thoughts and research about domestic abuse and about various connections between domestic abuse, Christian men, and the church. I placed the articles in Marriage & More instead of my blog because I do not want them to get lost in my blog stream amongst the rest. I want them to be easy to find for those who might benefit by them. The static pages are easier to navigate from anywhere on my website and search engines seem to favor them.

You may also quickly visit them by following the links below. I pray these articles offer some service on the subject of domestic of abuse.

Domestic Abuse in Marriage

Domestic abuse is an age old problem of sin and criminality that continues to occur. Though my ministry is to women, I am sensitive to the fact that in marriage, abuse is committed by both spouses. Husbands abuse wives and wives abuse husbands. There is physical, mental, emotional, sexual, and spiritual abuse. Abuse can manifest as hurtful or harmful words or actions and/or by hurtful or harmful neglect. While abuse may vary in severity, all of it is wrong. Always.

Domestic Abuse by Christian Men and Contributing Factors within Christianity

This article takes a quick look at the likelihood of Christian men to commit domestic abuse. It also looks at factors within Christianity that some see as catalysts for abuse to occur and continue.

Sharon Lareau

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