Today marks one year since I started working on a website for Chapter 3 Ministries. The time has flown by! I praise God that he has allowed me to do this work and that things are going well. Since my last update in July, I moved my site from to a self-hosted site, this one! The move gave me more control over design and a lot more features. Making this new site was fun. I really enjoy the website layout and design work for this ministry. Code is cool. The code files are just letters, number, and symbols; but when you go live with them, they shape the look and layout of the page. If you know what line(s) of code to change or what custom code to add, you can affect the changes you want. The first time I saw how it worked, I was amazed and hooked! I don’t think I will ever tire of playing with it. I enjoy learning new things, and what I have learned about website design has been super fun to discover and apply. The move to this new site was a good one, and I look forward to exploring what I can do in the future.

Since my last update in July, along with making this new site, I also created two new accounts for Chapter 3 Ministries. You can now find Chapter 3 on Pinterest and Twitter! Here are portals to my accounts if you would like to check them out and follow:

Follow Chapter 3 Ministries’s board Chapter 3 Ministries on Pinterest.


Yup, @mrslareau! What can I say? I love being married and I love my guy. I enjoy this designation on Twitter and in real life. When I have to fill out forms, I still look for the box “Mrs.” and gladly check it off when it’s there. After I made this Twitter account, I was curious to see if @sharonlareau was in use, and it was! Good thing I wanted to use @mrslareau!

I’m still figuring out the ins and outs of Twitter, but it has been fruitful, and I’m happy to say that people have linked to my website from there! :)

You can find a portal to Chapter 3 Ministries’ Facebook page in the sidebar. If you haven’t already, please consider Liking my page. I share new posts and articles there as well as Bible verses and images. If you have Liked it already, thank you for your support!

With the move to this new site and all the time and work that entailed, my writing over the past four months has slowed down. I did, however, manage to keep posting to my blog and add a couple of articles on two of my three anchor pages Marriage & MoreDefense for Our Hope, and Bible Notes. These anchor pages contain articles that I do not want to get lost in my blog archive. Here are the latest titles in case you missed them and would like to check them out.

Marriage & More
Submission Verses: Quick Reference

Bible Notes (Theology and Faith)
Suffering, Hope, and the Sovereignty of God

I was very happy to post my Statement of Faith as well.

This past year has allowed me to connect with others in a way I couldn’t without this site. It has blessed my heart greatly. I “met” some great bloggers on and enjoy reading their posts. I am very thankful for all the support, visitors, comments, Likes, and shares I have received here. Thank you all! I plan to keep working hard. It is for God’s glory and my sisters in Christ that I write. Taking from my tag line, it is a joy to serve in matters of marriage, apologetics, and faith. My prayer is that marriages and families are blessed, defenses for our great hope in Jesus Christ get stronger, and relationships with God deepen. Please remember this ministry in your prayers.

This will be my last update till next year. I probably have been too excited, writing updates every four months during this first year; but I am happy to have the record they provide. Over the next year there is much I hope to do and write about. I pray I see those things come to pass and to serve here as the Lord allows, all to his glory.

“Whether, then, you eat or drink or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.”
1 Corinthians 10:31

Sharon Lareau

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