In the past six and a half years that I have been mostly housebound and ministering online, I have “met” a lot of people.  They have been from different cultural backgrounds and have held a variety of beliefs.  Whether it was Muslims in Egypt, a humanist in the Netherlands, or a sister in Christ from the Midwest, the Internet has been great for connecting me with people from all over the world.  Some individuals that I have met stand out quite clearly in my mind.  They made a lasting impression.  I know that will be true about a woman I met recently.  Her name is Elizabeth Prata.  She is the author of The End Time blog.The End Time blog

I came across Elizabeth’s blog when I was first exploring the teachings of Beth Moore. She has a number of articles on her blog that examine Mrs. Moore’s ministry.  That is part of what Elizabeth does.  She writes about various teachers and documents unsound teachings. She also writes about various church, cultural, and faith issues.  The following is a short description from her blog.

“This blog is about encouragement, discernment, and prophecy. Each essay focuses on one of these with the prayer that through them, God is exalted. No matter how dark the days or how weary the heart, He is the Light and our hope.” (1 John 1:5).

Elizabeth has been blogging at The End Time since 2009. She is a prolific writer, posting 476 posts in 2014 alone. What I have read so far has been good. She has a sharp and discerning mind. While I admire those qualities, I was truly moved by her kindness to me.  It was refreshing and exemplified Christian character.

Elizabeth demonstrated her kindness to me when I reached out to her about a week and a half ago.  I wrote to her with a request. It involved a particular blog post on her site. The post is about Mrs. Moore, and it contains three sets of links leading to informative articles about her ministry.  The post is called All Beth Moore critiques here in one place. The first set of links goes to articles written by Elizabeth. This helps her readers find them easily since they are listed all together. The next two sets of links lead to articles by various women and men who have also written critiques.  This post was helpful to me during my research.

After I finished my recent review on Mrs. Moore’s Living Proof Live September 2014 simulcast, I got the idea to contact Elizabeth and ask her if she would consider adding my review to her post.  I emailed her and waited to see what would happen.  Experience has shown me that sometimes correspondences remain unanswered even from folks you expect will answer.

Well, Elizabeth did not keep me waiting.  She responded quickly and positively.  She graciously said yes and offered to introduce me to her readers in a new blog post.  I was blown away by her offer.  I thanked her and said that would be wonderful.  Over the next four days my site exploded with views.  Lots of readers came over, read my Beth Moore review, and read many other pages and posts.  I’m very grateful that they came. Because of Elizabeth’s kindness to me, I also received new blog and Facebook followers.  I am thankful that she ministered to my ministry in this way.

I will long remember Elizabeth’s thoughtfulness. Her encouragement and support is a beautiful example of how we are called to act towards one another.  She was not too busy or too caught up in her own ministry to care about mine. She responded to my email AND went beyond what I asked. There was a real spirit of generosity in what she did, but I imagine she never gave it a second thought. I am grateful and wish to say so here so others know not only about her site but about her heart. I am most grateful to the Lord for bringing this all about.


Sharon Lareau

  1. I loved reading your post about Elizabeth. I found Elizabeth’s blog, “End Times” early in 2014. Something happened to me for standing up for the Truth and I turned to her for support through email. It was easy to turn to her after reading her blog everyday, you get to know a persons beliefs. She is very sound, strong and kind. She got right back to me with a very encouraging email that I read often when I am struggling.
    Through her blog I found you and have been reading your posts also. I love finding those who speak the truth thank you for all you do.

    1. Hi Deby, Welcome! It’s a blessing to me that Elizabeth’s kindness helped others find my site. Thank you for reading and commenting, and thank you for sharing your experience about her kindness. I’m glad you were able to find the support and encouragement that you needed. The Lord is good to provide for us in so many ways.

  2. This was very helpful to read. My son got married two weeks ago, and it was a joyful time for my husband, me, and my other children as we rejoiced with him. Right after the wedding, I went through much pain with some fellow believers. The issues were somewhat cumulative, and it was VERY hard because, over time, I have worked at resolving the issues with no success. The timing after the wedding was awful. I kept thinking how Christ stressed that we are to love each other, and I wept continuously, because somewhere, somehow, they have failed and so have I.

    This comment is not to bash these fellow believers: they must work out their own salvation with our Lord (and so must I). The point of my comment is to let Elizabeth know that what she did for you GREATLY encourages me and gives my broken heart hope. I was on the verge of pulling the blinds down and closing my heart for good because I am unbelievably weary. Elizabeth’s display of Christ’s love toward a fellow believer she did not even know is convicting me. May God use this to help me open my heart again.

    1. Nadine, I’m sorry that you have been having this difficult situation. Conflict like this is hard and heartbreaking. I’m so thankful for God’s mercy in light of our many failures. His forgiveness is precious.

      I am glad that Elizabeth’s kindness was an encouragement. Her kindness does give hope. I love you, my dear sister! I pray with you for your heart. If it was closed for good, it would be a great loss to many.

  3. keijo leppioja

    I am so thankful that I has been protected in life with the lord and many victory are our thanskgiving today and let the be revival before rapture in Jesus name ,thanks and bless,keijo sweden

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