A lot has happened since the last time I posted on Chapter 3 Ministries. I’ve been very busy. My whole family has. Our daughter got married and graduated from college; and our son finished his homeschool years, graduating from high school. To make life more interesting, these momentous events corresponded with my husband’s busy season at work. Everything that goes along with these things caused me to take a temporary leave of absence. Well, I’m back. :)

These events have altered our home situation in many ways. One, which is very personal for me, is how I will spend my time and energy. Over the past several weeks, I’ve given that a lot of thought and prayer.  I’ve also discussed it with my husband.  We have come up with a plan that thankfully involves continuing this ministry.  I already have a pretty long list of topics that I’m looking forward to writing about and sharing.  I feel truly blessed and thankful that the Lord has brought me back to this.

I’ll also be putting more time into helping my husband with his business.  Although I have physical limitations that permit me from helping in the ways that I used to, we have found some things that I can do.  It means a lot to me that I can still contribute and help him out. There are also a number of personal projects that I will be attending to, one of which is returning to writing my novel.  I’ve had to take quite a break from it, but I’m excited about having the opportunity to work on it again.  Lord willing, I will finish it one day, even if it takes years.  My health definitely affects what I can do and how fast I can do it; but through it, I’ve come to appreciate that slow progress is still progress.

In the next few days, please be on the lookout for a new post.  I am planning on returning to the topic of submitting in everything. (Ephesians 5:24) Thank you for returning and reading this post despite the long passage of time since the last one.  It is my prayer that as I move forward, I spend my time in a way that is pleasing to the Lord, to his glory. I also desire deeply to spend my time on this site in a way that edifies my dear sisters in Christ and serves those who do not know the Lord.

“Whether, then, you eat or drink or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.”
1 Corinthians 10:31

Sharon Lareau

  1. Hello Sharon: It is good to have you back. I am glad that the recent milestone events for your family went well. We look forward to seeing the blessings that God will grant us from your ministry.

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