Post Tenebras Lux
After Darkness Light
(A story about salvation)

They walk in the darkness, in a Dark Land, on paths long and crooked and oh so slippery. Stumbling. Always stumbling. Over what? They don’t know. They can’t see it. The darkness, it’s too thick. It blinds them, but they don’t want to look down anyway. They want to continue; and so they do, stumbling, staggering, groping in the dark. They love the darkness, for what they do in it is evil; but they call it good.

Suppressing the truth with hearts as dark as their Land.

Some have found light! They follow it, but alas, it’s the wrong light. But it’s light! There’s some safety there. Peace, joy, righteousness, salvation or so it seems. The light guides and tells. It says. “Do this, don’t do that.” They listen. They feel safe and even lead others to that light and tell them they must remain in it to be safe. But, they’re not. They’re all still in the dark.

They’re lost, so lost that they don’t even know they’re lost.

But (such a wonderful word sometimes) some hear about a different Light, a Light that long ago came into their world, to those in the Dark Land and Shadow of Death. It was not the wrong light, the fake light, the false light. No. It was the true Light, and it Dawned. The Light had come into the world, so that everyone who believed in Him would not remain in darkness.

By the grace of God who said, “Light shall shine out of darkness”, some who heard about the Light believed. Their hearts were opened. God delivered them from the domain of darkness, and transferred them to the kingdom of His beloved Son Jesus, the Light of the world. They received forgiveness of sins and an inheritance with those who are sanctified by faith in Him.

They are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for God’s own possession, proclaiming the excellencies of Him who called them out of darkness and into His marvelous light!

And though formerly darkness, they are now light in the Lord; walking as children of light with fullness of joy and peace unequalled. Sins forgiven. Fear of death slayed. Hearts and minds illuminated. Heaven gained!

after darkness, light
the story of every Christian


Sharon Lareau

  1. Sharon! Did you write that “true story?” Or did you post it from somewhere. It is EXCELLENT. The New Agers in my family would probably not see, but I’d like to share it anyway. Do you mind? As Lynda said, you bear such a faithful witness!!!

    1. Hi Kate, Thank you. Yes, I wrote it. Please feel free to share it in any way. I don’t mind at all. I will pray for your family members.

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