Ministry Update

I have an announcement. After a lot of praying and weighing of options, my husband I have decided that it is time for me to turn most of my writing energy towards a major project that I have wanted to finish for years. This means that I will be writing for my ministry here less often. My posts are already spread out, but that gap will likely widen.

Though I will be posting less often while I work on my big project, I’m not planning on stopping all together. You will see me from time to time. I already have some posts planned; and if something unexpected comes up, Lord willing, I will get to it.

There is also the possibility of guest posts, and I still plan to post on Facebook and Twitter. So let’s keep in touch there. I will still respond to comments and messages here on my website and on my social media accounts.

Making this change was not an easy decision, nor is it really even desired. But it is necessary if I am going to make progress with the major writing project that I have put on hold for a long time. My husband concurs that it is time to give the project my full attention. It would be nice if I could do both at the same time, but my health condition limits my output. If I ever hope to finish this special project, I need to give it my all. Lord willing, I will finish it. Lord willing, after it is done, I will be able to write a lot more for Chapter 3 Ministries. There is still more work I hope to do here.

Some Ongoing Encouragements

Read and Study

Please keep studying your Bible. Dig deeply. Study with others too if possible. If you have opportunity at your church, seek to gather with other ladies and study the Bible together. Seek the permission and guidance of your church leadership, prayerfully pick a book of the Bible, and study it chapter by chapter, verse by verse. Keep a few trusted commentaries handy.

You might also find it interesting and helpful to study the Bible by topic. I have learned a lot studying that way. If you would like to give it a try, please visit: How to Study the Bible by Topic. This article contains a link to a list of over 400 topic suggestions.

Be Discerning

Please test your Bible teachers, authors, pastors, and anyone and everyone who is presenting the Bible to you. Test them by the word of God… always!

See this article for guidance in the area of biblical discernment: Discernment Guide: How to avoid or escape the snare of false teachings

Strengthen your defense of your faith (apologetics)

Visit: How to Get Ready to Defend Your Faith (How to Become an Apologist)

Love your husband and submit to him

I’m a huge fan of marriage. God made a good thing! With His help and by following His ways, we can have happy marriages. I have seen the idea in the church that happiness is not the point of marriage, holiness is. But I say it’s both, and hope to write about this someday. If you are married, seek happiness in your marriage and seek to live it according to God’s ways, to your sanctification and His glory!

If you are married, please do not forsake pursing the biblical commandment of submission in marriage. I know it can be challenging, and the way that the world is today might make it seem impossible. But it is God’s will for wives to live in submission to their own husbands. That has not changed. Study submission carefully and faithfully, so that you may live it in obedience to God. Even if you are not married, it is good to have a clear understanding of what the Bible teaches about this topic.

Here’s a couple of articles that might be of interest:
10 Guidelines for Good Communication in Marriage
Four Part Series: Submitting in Everything

There is a search bar at the top of every page and links to explore.

Thank you!

I thank all of you who have visited Chapter 3 Ministries through the years. I pray that my work has blessed your life and walk with the Lord and brought Him glory. I love Him and I love His children! I’m grateful for the work He has given me to do here, and I look forward to continuing.

Please pray for me. I will be praying for you.


Sharon Lareau

  1. Thank you for your online Bible Version Charts and comments, I find them very accurate. Your article on how to understand Scripture is very Hermeneutically solid. Keep up the excellent work Sister!
    Scotty Drye, M.Th., O.M.

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